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        What We Deliver to Our Clients

        Sector Expertise

        • Deep sector knowledge in investment banking that enables us to:
          • Best position our clients’ investment thesis to achieve the optimal valuation on their equity offerings
          • Best position our clients’ credit profile to achieve the lowest yield on their debt offerings
          • Demonstrate the most in-depth knowledge of potential buyers to maximize sale value for our clients

        Senior-Level Attention on Transactions

        • Senior-level commitment to our clients’ transactions that enables us to:
          • Bring extensive experience in structuring our clients’ transactions
          • Bring extensive experience to the advice we give our clients
          • Maximize the likelihood that transactions are completed flawlessly

        Excellence in Execution Across All Capabilities

        • Initial Public Offerings
          • Since 2016, Jefferies acted as bookrunner in one in every five IPOs priced in the U.S. 1
          • Since 2016, Jefferies has bookrun over 140 IPOs raising over $35 billion in proceeds
        • High Yield Offerings
          • Since 2016, Jefferies has completed over 640 bookrun or lead arranged leveraged finance transactions, including over 140 high yield bond offerings and over nearly 500 leveraged loans 
          Sell-Side M&A
          • Since the beginning of 2016, Jefferies has completed over 650 mergers and acquisitions with an aggregate value greater than $600 billion


          1. Sources: Dealogic. U.S. IPOs since January 1, 2016. Reflects weighted aftermarket performance. Sorted by Offer / 3 month